WARNING: This game imitates an old CRT terminal display. While every effort has been made to ensure the flickering is tolerable, I've not tested all devices and noticed that the effect is stronger on some displays than others. Use caution if you are photosensitive or otherwise react poorly to flickering light.

An experimental first foray into Twine, IF and itch.io. Very, very WIP.
Please play in fullscreen if possible. Mobile devices will likely want to be held horizontally.

Slowly being added to/fixed/reworked during sleepless nights.
Don't know if I'll ever get an actual functional game out of this, as I suspect I'm going about most of it the complete wrong way with the complete wrong tools, but hey - it's certainly a learning experience.

Inspired heavily by the open-source game: "Endgame: Singularity"

Development log